Understand Disney's 12 principles of animation

Disney principles of animation
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Disney's 12 principles of animation may have been created several decades ago, but they remain just as relevant today, even though the technology used to animate has changed considerably. These 12 basic rules of animation still apply to almost any type of project, not just movie animation and cartoons.

These principles of animation were first published in 1982 in The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, written by animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. The authors painstakingly examined the work of leading Disney animators from the 1930s onwards and broke down their approach to create these 12 basic principles of animation.

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Tammy Coron

Tammy is an independent creative professional, author of Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies, and the maker behind the AdventureGameKit – a custom SpriteKit framework for building point and click adventure games. As an innovative problem solver and industry leader, Tammy enjoys working on projects from content creation – including books, tutorials, videos, and podcasts – to the design and development of cross-platform applications and games. For Creative Bloq, she has written about an array of subjects, including animation, web design and character design.