How to design a logo: 15 pro tips

How to design a logo
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Learning how to design a logo isn't something that can be mastered overnight. It requires theoretical knowledge, design skills, patience and a trained eye that comes from a lot of practice. The right logo is recognisable and memorable, and, combined with the right product, it can become a priceless asset (think of the Nike Swoosh or  McDonald's iconic golden arches). 

In the guide below we've reduced things down to 15 golden rules for how to design a logo, from conception to implementation. To kickstart your creative process, check out our picks for the best logo designer (or the best free logo maker for a more cost-effective solution). If you want to expand your design skills to cover the burgeoning fields of UX and UI designs, sign up for our online UX Design Foundations course.

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Logo and brand identity specialist David is the creator of best-selling design books Logo Design Love and Work for Money, Design for Love, and runs several design blogs, including Logo Design Love. Past clients include BBC, Ecometrica and Henri Ehrhart.
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