How to animate a moving vehicle in 3ds Max

Creating an animation of a moving vehicle in 3ds Max, using the 3ds Max plugin 'MadCar'
(Image credit: Oscar Juárez)

In this 3ds Max tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create a realistic animation of a moving vehicle. Creating in 3D becomes more and more friendly every passing day with new tools being released, whether this is new AI filmmaking tech or plugins and new 3D software (read our guide to the best 3D modelling software). 

These are incredibly helpful for working on various objects and most aid us in one important aspect: creating the most in less time. I do the majority of my work in 3ds Max, and one thing I love is that animations can be quickly modified as many times as we need, allowing us to speed up our process and add complexity. 

Stylised cartoon image of Creative Bloq contributor Oscar Juárez
Oscar Juárez

Architect Oscar has worked in the CG field since 2010. He runs Fibrha Studio and has worked with clients around the globe. An eager learner, Oscar is currently focused on creating art toys.

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Oscar is a 3D generalist based in Mexico City. He has been running Fibrha Studio since 2010 and specialises in archvis rendering, animations and Unreal Engine.